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Finding the Best Online Affiliate Program Business Opportunities

There are thousands of Affiliate Programs available throughout the Internet. We've found that some Affiliate Program categories are much more profitable than others. Experience Webmasters and Affiliate Marketers know that Affiliate Programs that offer residual (ongoing) monthly payments, and multi-tier programs (where you get commissions for customers you refer, as well as for the new customers they refer) will earn you a consistent income. You may also want to consider an Affiliate Network, which allows you to choose from a variety of different Affiliate businesses (see some sample categories below).

Here you'll find the most profitable Affiliate Business categories, as well as the best Affiliate Network programs. Click on a specific Category, or View All Affiliates:

Casinos & Gaming Web Hosting Affiliate Networks
(Sample Categories)

Best Gaming Affiliate Programs
The following Gaming Affiliate Programs offer the best payouts, and many offer multi-tier payout, meaning that you get paid for customers you refer, as well as for new customers referred by your customers. Gaming sites can earn you thousands every month, as you can get residual (ongoing) monthly payments of up to 50% of the casino's profits from your customer for as long as the customer keeps playing.

Gaming Affiliate Commission Tiers Join
Casino Coins 25-35% (ongoing) 10-tier Join
Casino Rewards $50/customer or 35% (ongoing) 2-tier Join
Casino Tropez 35-50% (ongoing) 2-tier Join
Club Dice 35-50% (ongoing) 10-tier Join

Best Domain Registration, Web Hosting and ISP Affiliates
With the rise in business opportunities online, there's a growing market for Internet services companies. You can profit with payout of hundreds of dollars per referred customer. Some programs multi-tier payouts and residual (ongoing) monthly payments -- that means that every month that your referred customer pays for their web hosting, you receive a commission check.

Web Services Affiliate Commission Tiers Join
New Website Hosting 20% (ongoing) 2-tier Join
Think Host 10-20% (ongoing) 2-tier Join
Web Wizards 25% (ongoing) 2-tier Join

Affiliate Networks
Affiliate Networks offer a one-stop shop for a variety of Affiliate Programs. You may get a better deal by working with the Affiliates directly (such as with the Web Hosting and Gaming affiliates listed above), but Affiliate Networks make affiliate management easier when you have multiple affiliates, and you'll have a variety of Affiliate business opportunities to choose from (view sample categories). If you are a Merchant, sign up as a Merchant and start building a sales force of motivated Affiliate sellers with one of these programs.

The following Affiliate Network program offer an excellent selection of merchants, and many offer multi-tier payouts. Sign up for all of the following Affiliate Networks and you will have many excellent merchants to choose from.

Affiliate Networks Commission Tiers Join
ClickXChange Varies (depending on merchant) 2-tier
FineClicks Varies (depending on merchant) 2-tier Join
iCommissions Varies (depending on merchant) 2-tier Join
LinkShare Varies (depending on merchant) NA Join
Quin Street Varies (depending on merchant) 2-tier
(up to 33%)
Commission Junction Varies (depending on merchant) NA Join
Be Free Varies (depending on merchant) NA Join
Web Sponsors Varies (depending on merchant) 2-tier Join

After your site is approved by a merchant, you can start right away with content links and banner ads. The affiliate program provides online reports for you to track the number of times someone sees the ads or links on your website, how many people clicked on the ad, quantity and description of items sold, and how much money you're making.

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